Together with the client, Sales & Design identify the project parameters and Scope of Works. A solution is tailored to meet the Clients requirements. On the design side, we consider the aesthetics, space planning, ergonomics, functionality and Value Engineering.

Once the scope has been finalized, we create 3D concepts and renders that include detail sections, walk throughs and finishing schedules, giving the client a full overview of the project.

Our Technical Draughtsman have years of experience working with local and international Retailers, giving us the expertise to present Detailed designed, 3D modelling & Technical drawings, ensuring accuracy and compatibility prior to booking out for manufacturing. All drawings received by the client are redrawn in CAD, Invertor or solid works.

The Manufacturing process is a full CAD-CAM Automation system.

Before going into mass production, Prototypes are made up and available to the Client in our Mock shop, to try and test the fixtures & fittings. Where possible, we would propose our standard systems, which are universal, Functional and cost effective.